NJ Home Improvement Contractors License # 13VH05805300

Organizational Solutions That Work !
The Monkey Bar Storage System is the most versatile garage organization system on the market. It is much more than a shelf, and allows you to ulitilize your entire wall space for storage in one simple system using our patented bar & hook system that is fully adjustable as your storage needs change.

Attractive Floor Coatings that are Srong & Easy to Care For!
A Garage Floor Coating provides a seamless Garage Floor, not like Garage Floor Tiles, where there are seams and gaps for dust and insects. With our Garage Floors concrete dust will be a thing of the past, and spills of any kind can be easily wiped up with a cloth. The floor is waterproof and can be moped, hosed with water, and cleaned with virtually any household cleaner.

Custom Solutions for your Specific Needs!
Every system is custom built, and tailored to your individual garage, and is not a one-size-fits-all like most other products. It’s variety of high quality accessories really sets it apart. Garage Concepts has been installing these systems since 2009, and from our experience we feel that this system really does it all.

From Small Orqanizational Needs to Complete Remodels!
No matter the size or the need we will design a system that fits like a glove in your garage.
Our systems easily intergrate into whatever systems may already have such as slatwall and cabinets.

We have the Solution for you !
Having your items stored in an accessible manner makes your life simpler. We can eliminate the need to store items in your attic, and can eliminate the need for costly outside storage saving you time and money. 

Residential or Commercial !
Businesses large and small understand the need for quality products and individualized service.
That is why they relay on Garage Concepts of New Jersey.  

Ceiling Storage Systems
There is only one vendor we trust for Ceiling Storage Systems, STRONG RACKS .
The most important feature of the Strong Racks product is that it has the highest weight Capacity (750 pounds!) of any ceiling mounted rack on the market. Strong Racks is constructed from 10 Gauge Steel. No other ceiling mounted rack on the market is constructed from as heavy a gauge of steel. Strong Racks is powder-coated to resist scratching and corrosion.